Aug.12 2013

Amazing Animation of Badger’s ‘Star Trek’ Pitch from Last Night’s ‘Breaking Bad’


breaking bad_star trek

Watch Breaking Bad last night? It was an honorable return of the hands down best show on television; fraught with intense emotion, chilling plot turns, and, in true Breaking Bad fashion, some much-needed irreverent humor. In an early scene, we find Jesse at his house, broken down, dejected and lost a midst all the events that have transpired during part one of this final season. Meanwhile, his loyal druggie cohorts, Badger and Skinny Pete, go off on a long tangent about the various TV incarnations of Star Trek. Badger has an idea for a script  and spouts off a hilarious monologue of his vision for the Starship Enterprise. Not even 24 hours later, an animated video of that exchange has hit the Internet, and it’s wonderful. Hit the break to check it out.

Just lovely.

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[via Nerdist]

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