Mar.13 2013

Why Did Disney Cancel ‘The Clone Wars’ TV Show?



Some Star Wars fans felt a disturbance in the force earlier this week when Disney announced it would be cancelling the very popular Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated TV show that has been playing on the Cartoon Network for five seasons. But why would they do that? More after the jump.

Lucasfilm released a statement on as to why this decision was made.

“After five highly successful and critically acclaimed seasons of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, we feel the time has come to wind down the series. While the studio is no longer producing new episodes for Cartoon Network, we’re continuing production on new Clone Wars story arcs that promise to be some of the most thrilling adventures ever seen.”

To me, they did this for two big reasons. First, Disney wants to separate the new upcoming trilogy from the prequels as much as possible. With many people complaining about the overall quality of Episodes I-III, Disney is exercising it’s ability to mold a brand new image for Star Wars. Unfortunately, The Clone Wars is one of the casualties to go along with the cancelled 3D releases of Episodes II and III.

The other reason they would do this is because the new trilogy may be too mature for The Clone Wars watchers. Episode VII will more than likely be geared toward a new audience that has been very spoiled with excellent mature, darker and more intimate action/adventure films like The Dark Knight series, Lord Of The Rings, and even Harry Potter. Those kind of films wouldn’t fit with The Clone Wars show that has satisfied more young children than actual Star Wars diehards. J.J. Abrams is a Star Wars diehard and doesn’t make kid films. Getting rid of The Clone Wars is one of the many steps that Disney is taking to create a whole new design for the galaxy far, far away.

Are You Happy Or Sad To See The Clone Wars Go?


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  • Jedi

    Clone Wars, with all the death and very adult situations, was NOT just for kids.

    You’d know that, if you watched the show.

    IF you watched.

    • Revan’s Legacy

      Couldn’t say that any better myself.

      Disney is bad.

    • Bababooey

      Indeed. Whoever wrote this article never saw The Clone Wars series.

      That show had people getting impaled, shot at, beheaded on camera. And it was filled with plenty of mature themes (slavery, corruption, political intrigue, etc.).

  • mat

    Another reason, is that Disney do not want Cartoon Network to get the money and would rather it be on their channel

  • somebunny

    disney sucks butt they just cancelled some good money they are going to make star wars episode 7 look like bullcrap!!!

  • somebunny

    this is a crisis if disney makes episode 7 they are going to ruin the saga. I say George Lucas should make it, he would make it more awesome than flippin’ gay disney.

    • higawagamisut

      i know right!!! they are going to ruin it!!! disney sucks!

    • Sith’ari_Bane

      Luckily he is still working on the project!

      • Me

        Yes, screw Disney, the same people who brought you such shitty movies as: Toy Story 1-3. The Incredibles, Wall-E, The Avengers, and Thor 2. Yes, surely Disney will ruin everything Star Wars despite the fact that their sales and reputation moviewise has been ridiculously positive since they started making movies.

        • awi5951

          Well JJ abrams have begged them for more time and they are forcing the new starwars movie out so its going to suck. Its your fault when it sucks asshole because you keep protecting them lol.

  • Brad Johnson

    “After five highly successful and critically acclaimed seasons of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, we feel the time has come to wind down the series.” How stupid does that sound? Since this show is so successful, we are going to end it. Disney clearly has no financial sense. Not only did they waste money by canceling the digitally remastered 3D releases of the six movies that Lucasfilm had spent a lot of time and money working on, but they cancelled a highly successful show. There are a ton of story arcs to wrap up (Zillo best, Darth Maul, etc). Then they announce they are going to create a new animated series about the Rebels, and they made it sound like it was their idea! Lucasfilm said they were going to create a show about the Rebels after Season 3.

  • slimshady

    Dont Worry Guys, After all disney owns Marvel And look at films like Avengers and Thor the Dark World. And Lucas is an Exucutive Producer

  • Aidan

    What about all of the kids who loved the show?

  • justthisguy

    not being funny but rebels is more childish then clone wars on many levels. The graphics are in my opinion worse and Disney cancelled a good show with a very good story line, which gives me very little hope for the new star wars



  • Cal

    Clone Wars was NOT JUST FOR KIDS, the maturity gets very high with much violence, death, and other things. Disney cancelled it because it was TOO MATURE. I dare you compare it with the new series, rebels. I laugh. they turned it into a show geared for ages 1-4. Not like older kids like me ages 14-17 and even older. I mean rebels is such a silly spin off for such little kids no longer geared for us, so why not put it on Disney Jr. I’m just saying this is a worse decision than episodes 1-3. AND IF YOU ARE GOING TO READ ANY PART OF THIS THE LISTEN THIS. I do not want this to turn in a show for 3 year olds. I do not want this to turn into teen titans go!!! The original series was for any age, but appealed also to an older audience like clone wars. Now look at teen titans go. It is so pathetic it almost makes me cry. (T^T) Sorry if i sound like a hater but they took away the last good show from my childhood and replaced it with this mess rebels, I just wish Lucas Films was still an independent studio. I really hope Disney can turn this mess around or let Lucas Films act more independent.

  • Cubeytroll

    “Are you happy or sad to see the clone wars go? ”

    We all love the clone wars and we don’t want to give it up for a kids show.