May.22 2012

‘Skyfall’ Teaser Trailer Shows Off the Action-Heavy 23rd Bond Film


Last week I detailed a poster debuting for the upcoming 3rd Bond movie starring Daniel Craig. In the post I talked of Skyfall‘s teaser dropping on Monday. I wouldn’t be a proper movie ‘journo’ (Green Street Hooligans anyone?) without following the poster and showing off this Bond teaser on The Movie Mash. Hit the jump to catch a glimpse.

Check it.

The teaser is a little underwhelming, but it is a teaser. So I wasn’t really expecting much. At the same time it is gratifying to see Daniel Craig back in this role — many may remember that with the financial problems of MGM and the company filing for bankruptcy, more Bond titles with Craig were an uncertainty. I’m excited to see another chapter from Craig, as he is after all my favorite Bond. Yes, Daniel Craig is my favorite — and Casino Royale is my favorite Bond movie. Despite Craig doing well in the 2008 follow-up, Quantum of Solace in most regards was a disaster.

All in all, this teaser shows off typical Bond movie traits: guns, action, espionage, and beautiful women. The action looks amazing, as do most of the visuals — this is something to expect when the legendary Roger Deakins is the Director of Photography. Skyfall also boasts one of the better casts in recent memory with Ralph Fiennes and Javier Bardem starring alongside Judi Dench and Craig.

What Did You Think Of The Teaser?


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