Mar.30 2012

Matt’s Review: ‘Wrath of the Titans’ is Only Slightly Better Than the Original — That Isn’t Saying Much



For those hoping Wrath of the Titans would turn out better than its predecessor, I can assure it’s only marginally better than Clash of the Titans. Better is good, but considering the 2010 film was a visual nightmare and an awful movie, don’t count a victory Warner Bros. I’ve talked to plenty of people who enjoyed Clash of the Titans — if you’re one of those few, the sequel should be right up your alley. For the rest of us, stay clear of Sam Worthington’s latest, it doesn’t deserve your support at the box office.

This time around Worthington’s Perseus has a son and the two are fishermen far away from the perils of war — but this cannot last as his father Zeus (Liam Neeson) pays him a visit to tell him there is conflict on the horizon. Ralph Fiennes reprises his role as Hades and seeks to unleash a volcanic “unstoppable” god named Kronos. This pits Perseus against the destructive force of the mountain high, lava spewing, supposed father of the Gods.

Just like Clash of the Titans, this 2012 sequel built up to a final showdown with a gigantic foe — the first time around it was the Kracken, this time Kronos. The funny thing is that both movies had similar payoffs once these towering adversaries were revealed and wreaking havoc, nothing but a disappointing and anti-climatic finish. Despite Kronos being pitted as a sort of criminal mastermind cooking up this whole elaborate scheme so he could break free of his prison, he never says anything audible or poses any threat outside of his slow slashing lava-filled punches. Kronos looked awesome, but he wasn’t menacing or villainous at all, and he only was actually in the movie for like 20 minutes.

The worst part of the story by far was the 100+ pages of rubbish called a script. The story played out very similar to the first. Even the ending was the same, where everyone in the world is screwed and helpless in the face of Kronos (or the Kracken) until Perseus swoops in and saves the day at the last foreseeable second. This story was also full of many implausible convenient twists of fate — my eyes were getting sore I was rolling them so much.

The 3D visuals in Wrath of the Titans looked better than the first go-round, but that isn’t saying much considering Clash of the Titans featured the worst 3D I’ve ever seen. This 2012 effort isn’t wasted, but it acts as an example of a gimmicky 3D movie. The third dimension didn’t add anything of note to the film. It was barely noticeable in the action sequences. The only times the 3D stood out was when crap was flying at the screen, the cheapest, most gimmicky function of 3D.

By far the worst character was Rosamund Pike playing Queen Andromeda. In the first film this character was feeble and the ‘damsel in distress’ played by a brunette (Alexa Davalos) — in the sequel the character Andromeda was drastically different starting with the blonde-haired Pike. For some reason the writers decided to have Pike play a strong-willed Queen leading an army of troops. Despite showing this character commanding respect as a military strategist and wielding a sword and armor, she was worthless as a warrior in battle. She never once did anything worthwhile that would warrant her being part of this journey — her role was simply to look pretty.

Lastly, I wanted to comment on Jonathan Liebesman’s work as director on this project. The man is set to direct the new film Ninja Turtles, and after seeing Wrath of the Titans, I am less than enthused he is helming the project. Just like Battle: Los Angeles, this movie featured messy and oftentimes indecipherable action. It wasn’t as bad as Gary Ross’ work in The Hunger Games, but it was enough to make the action unpleasant to watch. This is not something that bodes well for a man directing a movie filled with action surrounding the art of being a ninja.

Overall, Wrath of the Titans is only a slightly better effort than the first. The 3D wasn’t downright awful like it’s predecessor, but I still wouldn’t consider it worth the extra ticket price. This is one of those movies people will laugh at because it’s so dumb — the characters were forgettable, their dialogue was laughable pun-laden trash, and the story had the same framework as the first bomb. Ralph Fiennes and Liam Neeson must’ve received gigantic paychecks to be in not one, but two of these dreadful films. Shame on them.

What Should You Do? Like Clash of the Titans, I disliked the sequel very much. My recommendation: don’t contribute to this film to assure a third never sees the light of day.

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