Mar.5 2012

Joel Kinnaman is the New Robocop


According to Deadline, The Killing actor Joel Kinnaman has accepted the role as Officer Alex Murphy, a.k.a., Robocop in the upcoming reboot. Kinnaman has had smaller roles in films such as The Girl With The Dragon TattooThe Darkest Hour and most recently Safe House. The film will be helmed by Elite Squad director Jose Padilha, and is currently in the pre-production stages with no release date as of yet.

It’s interesting that MGM is going with a lesser known actor to star in this movie. I guess with all the drama that has surrounded this remake, it’s no wonder why bigger names weren’t drawn to the role. Talks of this remake originated back in 2005. Over the last 7 years, it’s been dropped, picked up again, halted, green-lighted, stalled, and everything in between. At one point Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky was slated to direct and rebuild the franchise, but ultimately dropped out after the studio wanted a 3D Robocop. Darren simply did not want to do that and left to go work on the sequel to Wolverine — which he ended up not making anyway. On top of all that going back and forth, MGM, who owns the rights to Robocop, filed for bankruptcy in late 2010. But after years of trials, they are finally making progress.

If this movie does get made, I think Joel will bring a new element of bad-ass-ness to Robocop that Peter Weller was unable to do. Peter Weller did a good job, but I never feared him as Robocop. Kinnaman will be able to give that feeling of actual danger to the franchise. Joel may not be a household name, but he has been very convincing as an actor, especially in Safe House. I think he will be perfect for this reboot.

The original Robocop movies were not very good. The first one had it’s moments, but overall… meh. The fact that MGM has been trying so hard to remake this means they think this franchise will make good with a new generation. Unless they really update the story and the overall feel of the franchise, I honestly don’t know if this is going to work. However, I have been proven wrong about reboots before. I didn’t think a Batman reboot would work, but I was proven severely wrong. The Nolan Batman movies are incredible. Will the Robocop reboot work in the same way? Only time will tell.

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