Jun.30 2010

Top Five Alfred Hitchcock Movies of All Time


Master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock, had a talent for scaring his audience out of their skin without actually showing bloody gore. The director devoted his life to his work and appeared in the background of most of his films. He preferred to let his movies tell their own story and said only “Thank you” in his 1967 Irving Thalberg Memorial Award acceptance speech. Hitchcock said, “If it’s a good movie, the sound could go off and the audience would still have a perfectly clear idea of what was going on.” The following five are his top titles and display his instinctive scare tactics and sense of suspense. See what they are after the break

Here we go!

5. North by Northwest: Cary Grant stars as Roger Thornhill, an advertising agent wanted for a murder that he didn’t commit. He’s chased across the country by a gang of spies, all the while fighting for his life and trying to clear his name. Eva Marie Saint assists him on his adventure, playing the role of his beautiful love interest. The movie is so filled with action that it makes it impossible to look away or press pause.

4. Vertigo: A detective (James Stewart), who suffers from acrophobia, is hired by a friend from to trail his wife. As his subject’s history and suicidal thoughts begin to unfold, he falls in love with her and is crushed when she falls to her death, unsaved due to his vertigo. As the film continues, a murder surfaces and we learn that the followed wife wasn’t who the detective thought she was. The surprises in the story create a shocking plot and an irresistible film.

3.Rear Window: James Stewart plays a photographer confined to a wheelchair because of a broken leg. When he witnesses a murder, no one believes him due to his lack of evidence. Stewart’s precise acting and Hitchcock’s knack for suspense leave the viewer rooting for him as he tries to prove that the crime happened.

2. Dial M for Murder: After finding out about her affair, an ex tennis player (Ray Milland) plans to kill his wife for her money. When the hired murderer is murdered himself, the husband struggles to find a way to turn his scheme around. The twisting plot makes this film as intriguing as it is unique and one of Hitchcock’s best.

1. Psycho: Ever since I saw this classic at age ten, I’ve been afraid to close my eyes in the shower for fear of a murderous psycho. Hitchcock’s knack for striking his audience’s dread of the unknown, combined with Anthony Perkins’ convincing role as the unstable Norman Bates and duel personality “Mother” made Psycho unforgettable. A film with the ability to haunt part of my daily routine for over a decade deserves the top spot in the Hitchcock collection.

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  • Mooosh

    Wowwy. Once again, another nostalgic, top-five mash. Rear Window to this day is still one of my favorite thrillers. Jimmy Stewart and the bangin Eva Marie Saint?! Can't go wrong with that combo.
    Oh and PS. So glad The Birds didn't show up on your countdown. I feel the movie is overrated and pretty boring as far as Hitchcock flicks go. End transmission

  • Huliothecat

    Great list.